The Disc Institute® of Pittsburgh is a unique treatment center that has helped thousands of patients just like you. IntraDiscNutrosis® is a medical breakthrough for treating sciatica, stenosis, bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative discs, and other serious disc-related problems, without surgery.

The Disc Institute® has developed this unique treatment method. We have achieved the best known solution with the highest patient outcomes all backed by two independent third-party research studies. Focused on healing and repairing degenerative discs, our protocol has a positive impact on the quality of life for the patient.

Disc issues can impact anyone of any age.  Current recommended treatments are outdated and do not address the cause. This can lead patients to ineffective and dangerous procedures like epidural injections and spinal surgery.

Treatment at The Disc Institute® of Pittsburgh utilizes our own trademarked IntraDiscNutrosis®. This is a non-surgical process that supports the simple biological fact that discs are comprised of living tissue, which has the ability to self-repair. IntraDiscNutrosis® is a completely unique form of treatment that turns on the disc’s self-repair process; it is not physical therapy, chiropractic, pain management, epidural injections, or spinal surgery.

There is no pain during treatment, no side effects, and no need to take downtime or recovery time off of work.

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Dr. Richard Rafferty

Dr. Rafferty is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He built a successful private practice here, helping many patients for over 20 years. When Dr. Rafferty first heard about The Disc Institute® and the work that was being done in Michigan, he was very intrigued. Dr. Rafferty decided to go to Michigan for himself and find out first-hand about IntraDiscNutrosis®.  As he saw the life changing results from IntraDiscNutrosis®, he knew right away that he needed to bring this innovative treatment to Pittsburgh.

In 2011, Dr. Rafferty sold his private practice and opened The Disc Institute® of Pittsburgh. Since then, The Disc Institute® of Pittsburgh has grown and become very successful, helping many patients turn their life around and avoid spinal surgery through the innovative technology and trademarked procedure, IntraDiscNutrosis®. After seeing patients over the years struggle with the typical standard of care for serious disc conditions, Dr. Rafferty is excited that God is using him to bring healing and hope to so many Pittsburghers.

Heal Your Disc and Avoid Surgery

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Jan 16, 2020

Dr. Rafferty is honored to have been chosen for and interviewed on the program “CEOs You Should Know.”

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Third Party Research Study



Dr. Paul Thomlinson, a Ph.D. research scientist specializing in health care evaluation, recently conducted two independent, third-party medical research studies on the effectiveness of The Disc Institute’s IntraDiscNutrosis® treatment program. The studies utilized a sophisticated, random selection of a large and statistically valid sample of patients receiving care at The Disc Institute®.

The results of his studies showed that IntraDiscNutrosis® is an effective and lasting solution for people with serious disc issues.

98% of The Disc Institute’s typical patients experienced clinically significant improvement, and even three years after treatment was completed, IntraDiscNutrosis® proved to have a 96% success rate. Patients successfully avoided surgery.


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It is important to understand that treatment at The Disc Institute of Pittsburgh may not be appropriate for every situation. Contact our office today to see if you qualify for our innovative approach to disc repair.